Saturday, October 29, 2016

A Message to Americans from a Canadian.

To give my American friends some comfort during this

 contentious election season, I would like you to know that

 Canadian politics is no stranger to partisan issue twisting for

 political gain. Why, just the other day in our Parliament,

 debate on the ammending of the National Politeness Act,

 was stalled when all parties insisted the other side speak 

first. It was going to be decided in the Parliament Hill parking

 lot, in a hockey tie ending style shoot-out, until a Green

 Party MP suggestd, in what was reported as " in a tone as

 close to not using an "inside voice" the debate floor has ever

heard ," What if someone just "let's one in", in "a gesture of

 graciousness" ? It was finally decided in a best 4 out of 7

 contest of Rock, Poutine, Scissors. Liberal Minister of

 Niceness Roger Fairplay, begrudgignly accepted his victory

 and profusely apologized. Canadian civility is almost a curse

 sometimes. So, hang in there America.

We feel your pain.