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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Letterkenny Residents Cartoons

Letterkenny Residents

Letterkeny is a town of 5,000 people.
These are some of them.

Schmelt. A Rookie.

Keep Talkin'.

You'll Asleep in Five Minutes Squirrely Dan,
and I'd bet as Many Dollars. 

Wayne. A Hick.

Squirrely Dan. A Hick.

Darry. A Hick

Katy. A Hick.

Jonesy and Reilly. Hockey Players.

McMurray. A Hick.

Pastor Glenn. A Christian.

Stewart. A Skid.

Roald. A Skid

Joint Boy. A Hick.

Givin' me the Big Eyes.

Cup o' Fart.

Jim Diskson. A Hick.

McMurray, President of 
The Letterkenny Ag. 

 Nothin's funnier than farts...

Boomtown.  A Hick. A Hockey Player.


Gail.  A Hick. Bartender

Coach. A Hick.

Hey Girl.