Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Australian as a Second Language, with translation.

One afternoon, my friend Brian and I were walking along the sidewalk
on our way to the liquor store, when we saw a guy screaming like a
womanm holding his blood-gushing barefoot. "Needles from an Australian indigneous plant, I'm guessing", said Brian. "Uncouth Queenslander", I said.
"Chin up, no problem. Wrap your sweater around it and make a doctor's appointment". said Brian. Well fuck me, after that chat, we were very thirsty,
so we went to a bar. "Get your wallet out Brian, you're buying",I said.
The waitress Wendy was kind of nosey and unpleasant on the eyes. From Wester Australia, I'm thinkin'. Anyways, after consuming 4 2 litre bottles
 of beer and some taste like shit crackers, we had to get to the liquor store, one of us would try to remember ice for the cooler, and besides, Brian looked
like he was going to freak ou tbecause Wendy shouted "No more beer for you!"
She was going to call the cops, so we booked it quickly.
Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ya later!!
Then Brian puked on the hood of of an Americans expensive car.