SportsFan Custom Caricatures Page by Mike Spicer

The SportsFans Caricatures Page!

By Mike Spicer

Everyone has, or knows someone
that has an unshakeable loyalty
to at least one sports team. 

I do caricatures that capture this unique allegiance and
and the sports fan's personality.

     $85.00 CND,
      $75.00 USD, 
    50.00 Pounds,
         55.00 Euro.     
(Price is for single subject)

PayPal and  E-Transfer 

The caricature is hand drawn, scanned and digitally rendered, creating a high resolution 8.5"x11" image.
Single or multiple images available.
Caricatures are for personal use.
Price for commercial use of caricature images
are to be negotiated.

On receipt of payment notification as specified
above, the image file will be emailed to you,
that once transferred to thumb drive, allows for 
printing at your leisure. The high resolution
allows for the image to printed at a larger size.

All that is required is a photograph of the subject
and the team whose colours they bleed. 

Caricatures have a "WOW" factor.
Personal, thoughtful and bespoke.
A one of a kind gift for
any occassion.  


Edmonton OilersFans

 Team Sweden

 Don Cherry

Bruins and Bosox-

 Packer Proud

A  Bruins and Chara Fan!

Boston Bruins Fan 

Kansas City Chiefs &
Green Bay Packers Fans

Boston Bruins Fan and Friend.

Green Bay Packers Fan

 Liverpool Fan

Green Bay Packers Fan

Nashville Preds Fan

Coventry Blaze Fan

Arsenal, Northern Ireland
and Portadown Fan

Boston Bruins Fan 

Pittsburgh Penguins Fans

Edmonton Oilers Fan

New York Rangers Fans

Cardiff Devils Fan

Washington Capitals Fan

Edmonton Oilers Fan

A Pats' Fan

Montreal Canadiens Fan

Detroit Red Wings
Red wings hockey fan art caricature picture gift ideas

Pittsburgh Penguins Fan
Pittsburgh hockey Penguins fan  caricatures

New York Giants Fan

Green Bay Packers Fan
Green Bay Packers Fan Caricatures gift ideas football art Lambeau Field,

 The Boston Super Fan.
Boston Bruins  Red Sox, New England Patriots,  Celtics caricatures football fan cartoon
 Clearly, Boston Proud, this New Englander sets the bar high in
expressing his devotion to the Boston Bruins,
Boston Red Sox, New England Patriotsand Boston Celtics

Boston Bruins Fan

Boston Bruins fans cartoon hockey fan cartoon  caricature

This caricature is of a 
Boston Bruins fan that hails from Spain

 Toronto Maple Leafs fans
Toronto Maple Leafs fans,caricature hockey cartoons gift
This caricature commemorates Leafs fans that shared the experince 
of skating at Toronto'shistoric Maple Leaf Gardens.
Supporters of The Buds define them term fanatic.

Boston Bruins Fan
Self Portrait
Boston Bruins fans cartoon hockey fan cartoon  caricature

I've been a Bruins fan since I was about 6 years old. 

Seattle Seahawks Fan Caricature
The Twelfth Man
Seattle Seahawks fans caricature football gift  Twelfth man
The Seattle Seahawks fans are are rabidly loyal.
The noise level at CenturyLink Field 
lead to the nickname The Twelfth Man. 

Chicago Blackhawks Fan
Chicago Blackhawks hockey fan caricature  cartoons hockey gift ideas
A fan of Chicago BlackHawks Captain  
Jonathon Toews shows her support
caricature style.

Boston Bruins Fan
Boston Bruins fans cartoon hockey fan cartoon  caricature gift idea

Montreal Canadiens Fan
Montreal Canadiens Fans caricature hockey gift idea celebrating ole chant song
This Habs fan celebrates when it's over
for their opponent.

North Bay Battalion Fan
North Bay Battalion hockey  fan caricature  Ontario  gift idea

Vancouver Canaucks Fan

San Jose Sharks Fan

California Golden Seals Fan

Toronto Blue Jays Fan

Ottawa Redblacks Fan

Boston Bruins Fan

Calgary Flames Fan

Three Generations of Sports Fans

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